Palestine from independence to freedom!

Mansoor Hekmat

Translation: Azar Majedi

The state of Israel continues its abominable war against the children of Palestine. Today (16 November, 2000), they shot dead 8 more people, including a 9 year old child. And they dare to complain to the US of Palestinian violence! More than 90% of the 240 deaths in the latest events are Palestinians, and the majority are children and adolescents. This, in anyone’s dictionary means a war crime. This is genocide. This is an incarnate example of state terrorism. This happens while the Western states and the policy makers of the (mainstream) media continue to one-sidedly support Israel and deny these truths. The public opinion in the West and even Western journalists are turning in favour of Palestinians and in opposition to the state of Israel. After the end of cold war anti-Palestinian and anti-Arab mobilisation is not as possible as the same way before in the West. This deep rift between state propaganda and people’s perception will soon or later manifest itself. The injured Palestinian child, who dies on the way to school or in the arms of their father, brings the Western society to see eye to eye with the inherent hypocrisy of the dominant narrative and the official line. It’s doubtful that Western governments can continue their uncritical and blind support of Israel against the Arabs for much longer.

There’s no doubt that a large section of the people in Israel demand peace and a just and humane relationship with people of Palestine. There’s no doubt that a large section of the people in Israel know the depth of half century of oppression imposed on people of Palestine, and admit to it. But, this is not enough. There’s a very strong and active religious and ethnic right wing in Israel that creates hurdles every step of the way for a humane solution. Robin was murdered by them, not Arabs. This right wing must be totally defeated by the working class and socialism and progressive movement in an internal battle. This hasn’t happened, yet. Without this resolution there’s no hope for a sustainable peace and a just solution. An ethnic and religious Israel cannot be one side of a just peace in the region. The independence of Palestine is a step forward. This step is not only possible, but it’s now become inevitable. Palestinian independence will improve the balance of power and the framework of political transformation in the region. It’s to the benefit of the Palestinian child’s safety and Israeli passerby.

But liberation of People of Palestine and freedom of people of Israel from crimes that are committed in their name, or deliverance from the position of oppressing nation, and the freedom of both sides from terrorism and the hatred that ethnicity and religion create on both sides are not going to be  resolved only by the independence of Palestine. Freedom and liberation in Palestine and Israel depend on socialism and secularism in the whole region. They depend on creating countries where people, regardless of their ethnic, national and religious beliefs and perception, are recognised as equal citizens. Independence of Palestine facilitates the class struggle in both Israel and Palestine to escalate. With the independence of Palestine the region will turn left.

Weekly International no. 28

۱۷ November, 2000